9 of the Best Fitness Podcasts

Get motivated, learn new techniques and discover the secrets of the world’s fittest people

It’s good to have a fitness buddy: someone to keep you focused and keep you honest. 

The trouble is, they can be hard to find. But finding the right fitness podcast can fulfill much the same, and you never have to worry about them flaking out last minute. 

Here are some of the best we’ve found.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Less a fitness podcast than a way of life. Investor and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Work Week, ranges across subjects from philosophy to marketing, but there’s a trove of fitness and mental conditioning advice here via interviews with experts and experienced hands. Ferriss is a relaxed, genial host, and he’s happy to ask open questions and see where they lead.


Mind Pump

Over sprawling episodes that can run anywhere between an hour and a quarter to two hours, hosts Sal de Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews bust myths, challenge received wisdoms in the fitness industry and debunk pseudoscience. It’s quite technical, so one for those who are already some way into their fitness journey.


The Drive

Dr Peter Attia is a Stanford and Johns Hopkins alumnus who asks the big questions about how we can prepare our bodies to live as well as possible for as long as possible. Again, not one to pop on while you sort out the washing – episodes can run to three hours – but that does allow him to really get ideas up on the jacks and root around inside them.


Found My Fitness

If you really want to get into the science of ageing, nutrition and fitness, Dr Rhonda Patrick’s pod is densely packed with information. Each time, a different academic talks through their particular expertise: recently, a particularly rigorous and sobre episode with Dr Roger Seheult, who has first hand experience of treating Covid patients, exploded a lot of paranoia and bad science around vaccines. 


Ben Greenfield Fitness

Biohacking, fat loss, nutrition and the most up-to-date health advice are the core of this one, but the man who bills himself as America’s top personal trainer (they all do that, but to be fair he’s pretty good) mixes that with mental resilience techniques and more holistic approaches to health. 


Running For Real

Retired Team GB runner Tina Muir is now at the centre of a community of runners who aim to help each other stretch beyond their comfort zones. Newbie runners might find the more technical aspects of the running chat a little knotty, but there’s a very accessible, mindful vibe to Running For Real that should help you settle in. On Muir’s Together Run pods, which she records while doing runs herself, she talks through what she’s doing and provides great company for you on 30, 45 or 60 minute runs. It’s about reflection as much as it is clocking decent splits.


Push Your Peak

It’s relatively early days for Push Your Peak, but its nicely bite-sized form and the steady hand of BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin at the controls – she’s an enthusiastic amateur triathlete – it looks like a one to get in on at the ground floor. Each time, Minchin speaks to someone who’s achieved something remarkable, like big wave surfer Andrew Cotton or globe circumnavigating endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont, and gets their insight into how to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  



A daft, endearingly bro-ish tone of Autonomy (one episode about the value of play and fun in fitness is entitled ‘How to Play with Yourself’ – fnar!) slightly obscures the fact that hosts Ryan, Andy and Jarlo really do know what they’re talking about and have an independent streak which makes them a compelling listen. They’ve been off duty for a few months, but their back catalogue is full of handy, no-BS guides to everything from working out which YouTube workouts are worth it to how to train around little niggling injuries. 


The Doctor’s Kitchen

The deeply  reassuring Dr Rupy Aujla fronts this one, which focuses on how what you eat can help make your life healthier and more fulfilling. Some are grounded in the every day, like Dr Louise Newson’s extremely illuminating and practical guide to how to navigate the menopause and Dr Giles Yeo’s explainer on calories; others are more expansive. The one about why humans might one day live to 200 years old is a mind-blower.


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