Why Huel Daily Greens is More Nutritionally Complete than Athletic Greens

Many of you will know what greens powders are because of Athletic Greens. But with Huel Daily Greens, we felt the time was right for someone to come in and change the game. 

We set ourselves the task of creating the most comprehensive greens powder around – with more wholefood-sourced ingredients than anything that has come before it.

Here we’ll take you through how the more affordable Huel Daily Greens is more complete than AG1 by Athletic Greens, and some important health benefits you can expect from our market-leading nutrient profile that you’re not getting with the competition.

The Top 5 Vitamins & Minerals Missing from Athletic Greens (That You Can Find in Huel Daily Greens)

Both Huel Daily Greens and AG1 by Athletic Greens look to provide key micronutrients that the body needs for optimal health in an easy and convenient form. Huel Daily Greens contains 91 vitamins, minerals and wholefood-sourced nutrients so you can rest assured that you’re getting all the micronutrients you need contained in one serving. 

In comparison, AG1 by Athletic Greens appears to lack a few key micronutrients that are essential for health. This means either your body can’t make them (so you’ll need to obtain these nutrients from your diet or supplementation), or can’t make enough to meet daily needs. Let’s break them down.

1 & 2. Vitamins D and K

Helps support normal muscle function, bone health and immunity.

While it is important to note that Athletic Greens provides the option of a free dropper of vitamin D and vitamin K (a 1-year supply) with a subscription, the convenience of one product is lost (1).

Huel Daily Greens makes it easy as it contains both of these essential vitamins in sufficient amounts within one serving. As a result, there’s no need to worry about an added dropper or added cost in the future. Vitamin D plays roles in immune and bone health while vitamin K plays key roles in bone health and blood clotting, underlining their importance in daily intake and ensuring we’re getting enough (2-5).

3. Iron

Sufficient levels of iron are needed in the diet to maintain healthy energy levels.

Iron, another essential mineral included in Huel Daily Greens in the non-heme (plant-based) form, is not listed in Athletic Greens. It’s unclear the reasoning behind this; however, iron plays critical roles in the formation of red blood cells and is required for health (6,7).

4. Iodine

Contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin.

Commonly lacking in vegan diets, iodine is an essential mineral that plays key roles in the function of the thyroid as well as other processes that take place within the body, such the creation of protein and brain health, so it was imperative for us to include it in Huel Daily Greens (8,9).

5. Molybdenum

Important for the metabolism of nutrients.

Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral that’s not often talked about. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you have not heard of it before too. Why is it important? Due to the fact that it plays key roles in 4 different reactions that occur in the body and aids the metabolism of nutrients as a result (10,11).

You can see that these 5 micronutrients are critical to many bodily processes and they are included in Huel Daily Greens in sufficient amounts as a result. 

Huel Daily Greens v. Athletic Greens: a Side-by-Side Review

Per Serving

Huel Daily Greens

Athletic Greens

Number of vitamins, minerals and wholefood sourced nutrients



Missing essential vitamins and minerals**


Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Iron, Molybdenum, Iodine

Contains soy?


Contains “soy derived ingredient”

Price per serving




*Correct as of 01/01/2024. Price calculated on subscription (if available) for a minimum order, not including tax (if/where applicable).

**These are essential vitamins and minerals which are not listed on the supplement facts label for the product.

*** £45 for 30 servings on subscription. First order comes with a starter kit that includes Huel Daily Greens shaker, a-shirt, and scoops.

****£79.00 for 30 servings on subscription. First order comes with a starter kit. For subscription, first order also includes a dropper of vitamin D and K (1-year supply) and 5 single travel servings (1).


It’s recap time. While there are a good number of nutrients within Athletic Greens, it lags behind Huel Daily Greens which contains 16 more (we’ve outlined 5 of these missing or insufficient micronutrients above).

Perhaps most importantly, a bag of Huel Daily Greens is over £30 cheaper than Athletic Greens, meaning you save £1 every day you make the switch. More nutrients, less cash – it’s a real no-brainer.

Beyond the nutrition and price – two of the most important considerations in our book – it also comes down to your preference for convenience and taste. We think Huel Daily Greens also comes out on top here, but as with everything, the choice is yours to make.

Researched & Created by Qualified Nutrition Experts

The Huel Nutrition team is made up of qualified nutrition experts that possess degrees and credentials in nutrition along with years of experience in the field.

This team along with the Ingredients, Procurement, Quality, and Technical teams, to name a few, have ensured that Huel Daily Greens contains high quality ingredients backed by research to support our choices in ingredients too.

This product is intended to be a supplement to your intake to provide not only the essentials, but other nutrients which may have added benefits to your health too.


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