Find the Right Workout Routine for You

The internet is practically overflowing with advice – good and bad – about what the 'best workout' is. In truth, it's very hard to pinpoint such a thing – everyone's different and looking for different goals when they exercise. What works for a rugby player isn't necessarily going to work for someone just looking to keep their love handles at bay.

We know this. Which is why we've lumped together all the best workout routines, gym tips, and fitness advice we've got – for all sorts of people – all in one place. Helpful, eh?

The Best Summer Workout

man exercising outdoors in the sun

Summer Sports to Get You Outside

The sun’s out. Time to leave the house (and the pub). Here’s how.


The Best Outdoor Workout Routines

huel with towel by a swimming pool

Train in the Sunshine with This Easy Outdoor Workout

Get your sweat on in the sunshine with this simple no-kit session that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


How to Build Muscle Outside the Gym

Summer is just around the corner. Step outside the gym and mix up your fitness routine for maximum results and fun.


The Best Way to Gain Weight

man adding weights to a barbell for weightlifting

The Huel Guide to Gaining Weight

For some people, building muscle is everything and 'lifting really heavy stuff' is only one part of the process. Here's how to gain weight the right way.


The Exercises That Build the Most Muscle

Which exercises build the most muscle? How is muscle actually built? And how can we maximise our potential? 


The Best Home Workout Routine

man drinking huel after home workout

A Simple Total-Body Dumbbell Workout to Build Muscle at Home

This challenging total-body workout consists of just six movements, and uses only one piece of kit.


The Best HIIT Workout Routine

hiit workout outdoors press up

The Home HIIT Workout That Builds Muscle

Zero equipment. Big gains.


The Best Workout for Beginners

women working out together

A Beginner's Guide to Your First Gym Workout

Joining a gym can be daunting. Here’s how to have the most fun when you work out, so you keep going back for more.


The Best Workout for Women

woman working out at home

Huel’s Guide to Weight Training for Women

There’s a change in the air when it comes to women and weight training – being strong is the new body goal. Here's how to get started.


The Best Workout for When You're in a Rush

man clapping hands with chalk

The Most Effective Exercises on Earth

Struggling to fit exercise into a busy schedule? Here's how you can maximise your workouts and make your gym sessions more efficient.


The Best Workout for People who Don't like Working Out

woman battle rope workout

Five Ways to Make Workouts More Fun

Stuck in a rut? Dreading the thought of getting back on the wagon again? Here's how to break a sweat and crack a smile with five expert-approved ways to get your motivation back.


The Best Walking Workout

woman hiking in mountains

The Benefits of Incline Walking

Struggling to make strides with your fitness? Very few workouts are as tried-and-tested as incline walking.


The Best Workout Equipment

working out with kettlebells

The Best Home Gym Equipment Around, As Chosen By Personal Trainers

Having the right gear can make all the difference to your training progression, especially when working out at home.


The Best Eco-friendly Workout

woman exercising outdoors with water bottle

How to Make Your Workout More Sustainable

For every big gain you make, there are plenty of small steps you can take – in every workout – to help give back to the planet.


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