How to Make Your Diet Healthier

Making major changes to your diet can often feel overwhelming, and while the internet offers plenty of tips and tricks – some good, some bad – on how to start eating a little healthier, finding the right advice can feel equally exhausting.

We thought we'd give you a helping hand by putting some of our finest, nutritionist-approved advice (and a few healthy recipes) all in one place.

These articles will take you on every step of your healthy eating journey, from clearing up some naughty nutrition myths you might have picked up all the way to the kitchen.

Building your nutritional knowledge

how to eat healthyAlright, where to start? Well, the key to eating healthier really is understanding what your body needs, so let's put some nutritional foundations in place.

Kick things off with a nutritional myth buster from Huel co-founder, register nutritionist and healthy eating encyclopedia, James Collier, before flying over to a beginner's guide to nutrition, giving you an overview of the important nutrients you need to be making sure you're getting in your diet.

18 Common Nutrition Myths (and Why They're Wrong)

Let's bust some myths.


The Beginner's Guide to Nutrition

What your body needs. Swot up.


Healthy eating in action

healthy eating

Right, we're at base camp. Now it's time to actually climb Everest, and put that knowledge into practice. Start by looking at the psychology behind putting a healthy habit in place, and maintaining it, before reading about how to curb any unhealthy cravings you might be having.

Finish off our healthy eating action plan with an explainer on the importance of eating to schedule, and not skipping meals, before a thorough guide to healthy eating on a budget.

How to Make and Maintain a Healthy Habit

Making a habit stick is hard work. So what can you do?


Nine Ways to Help Control Your Cravings

Don't stress. Keep your unhealthy cravings in check.


Is Skipping Meals Good For You?

Repeat after us. Don't. Skip. Meals.


Healthy Eating on a Budget

It's not impossible to eat healthy without spending a load of money.


Healthy eating in the kitchen

healthy eating

You got the knowledge, you know how to put it into practice... now let's get you on your way with some healthy recipes. Let's start with the most important meal of the day and some healthy breakfasts to set you up the right way. 

Then take our selection of batch-cooking recipes for a spin, before filling those spaces in between with a handful of healthy snack ideas. 

Finally, but certainly not least, we'll let you in on a little shortcut to help make your diet healthier in an instant. It's called Huel – read our scientific study into the health benefits of our nutritionally complete food, and take one big step to a healthier you.

Five Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Start the day right with these super healthy, super simple breakfast recipes.


Batch Cooking: 5 Big Dishes to See you Through the Week

Comforting, money saving recipes to keep you going all week long.


Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Comforting, money saving recipes to keep you going all week long.


Is Huel healthy?

We did a study to find out.


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