Huel Is Now B Corp Certified

Jessica Sansom, sustainability director at Huel, takes a look at our sustainability journey and why Huel became a B Corp.

huel b corp

We are incredibly excited to announce that Huel is now a certified B Corp.

B Corp is a certification that assesses a company’s social and environmental accountability, transparency, and performance. Becoming a B Corp requires you to make a legal commitment to consider the needs of all stakeholders in your decision-making - shareholders, employees, suppliers, communities, and the environment. It moves companies away from being primarily driven by profit, to a far greater consideration of its purpose, and how to be a force for good in the world. Being a B Corp is basically about making responsible business part of your company's DNA. You need to live and breathe it each and every day. Other B Corps include Ben & Jerry's, Patagonia, and Innocent Drinks (so we’re in good company).

The B Corp philosophy resonated highly with us. Huel is still a young company, and there is so much more that we want to achieve. B Corp offers us a roadmap for continuous improvement in our sustainability journey, and we hope to learn a lot from other companies in the B Corp community.

To become certified we had to complete the B Impact Assessment (BIA) - a rigorous survey that examines pretty much every aspect of your business, from how you manage greenhouse gas emissions through to your parental leave policies. Your responses are then verified through an audit process which requires in-depth interviews as well as the provision of documentation to prove your responses. To pass the certification you need 80 points –an average company will score 50.9. Our certification score was 92.1. We were pretty pleased with the score and excited to see where we can go from here. We will be re-audited in 3 years time and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can better the high bar we’ve set for ourselves.

Day-to-day, our sustainability journey continues as we help create a sustainable food system that nourishes not only all of us but also the planet. We are committed to making sure that all our meals have a carbon footprint aligned with limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees, reducing impacts across every aspect of our business, protecting the human rights, welfare, and livelihoods of our employees, suppliers, and communities, and doing what we can to inspire people to eat sustainably.

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