Hueligan Spotlight: Meet James, CEO

Hueligan Spotlight - James 

" could already tell it had an extraordinary potential to change the world."

When you ask the people at Huel HQ why they love being a Hueligan (the affectionate name we’ve given to those that run the show) a few things always come up. People here are open and approachable, we all roll up our sleeves, muck in and challenge the norm and try to be better every day.

We want to give you an insight into these people who work at Huel, to find out more about them. We gave the office the challenge to think about what defines them and means the most to them in their lives – like travel, family, friends – and then articulate that with 4-5 objects.

You can read about the amazing people of Huel in our series of blogs – these stories highlight the eclectic personalities that make up this fast-moving brand.

What are your items and what do they mean to you?

  1. Trainers – I love sport. Right now, it’s mainly training in the gym and tennis.
  2. Summer watch – I wear my Freestyle Shark watch during the Summer. Bright, waterproof and hard wearing as I’m quite active. It makes my whole mood brighter : )
  3. Toddler book – I have two young kids and I need all the help I can get
  4. Tom Dixon Candle – Sleep is a big deal to me. As is design. So turning on this beautiful brass and marble candle before bed helps me sleep
  5. Family pics – My sister-in-law makes us a calendar at Christmas each year with pics of myself, my wife Polly and our children Lainey and Finn.
  6. Pela phone case – My iPhone case is made from plant-based plastic. Result.

 James Objects

Why did you choose to join Huel?

I met Julian, James and the team when Huel was about 2 years old. It was a only baby but you could already tell it had an extraordinary potential to change the world.


"It was a only baby but you could already tell it had an extraordinary potential to change the world."

What is your job at Huel and what does it entail?

I’m the CEO at Huel. I spend time with Hueligans on how we are doing now and making sure we are doing all the right things for the future. No two days are the same and part of why I love my job is I get to be involved across every part of the business.

Quick fire round

  • What did you want to be when you grow up? A banker. Before banks ruined the world!
  • Which cartoon character can you most relate to and why? I loved Captain Planet when I was a kid. I guess I’ve sort of ended up as a mini Captain Planet given Huel’s environmental impact on the world.
  • What app could you not live without on your phone? Citymapper. I’m always rushing around in difference cities and it makes it easy to get places with less planning

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