Huelwear’s Seven Pillars

Our brand is built on a set of founding principles that dictate everything we do

There is too much fashion in the world. Some ultra-fast fashion brands release thousands of brand new styles every single day, hundreds of thousands of new products every year. They do it by making clothes so quickly and cheaply that they become disposable – this is fashion by algorithm, clothes that make their way from field to factory to landfill and are barely worn in between, either because they fall apart or date too quickly or just because once they arrive they’re uglier than they looked in the picture, but they’re so cheap that it’s easier to bin them than return them.

Since the birth of fast fashion in the late-90s, things have only sped up. Clothes can be designed more quickly, manufactured more efficiently, shipped around the world more swiftly. As everything else we buy has become more expensive, somehow our clothes have actually become cheaper. But that’s because they’re worse. Worse materials, worse sustainability practices, worse labour standards.

We all pay a price. The fashion industry is among the most polluting on earth. It’s estimated that by 2050, fashion could use a quarter of the world’s carbon budget. The faster fashion gets, the worse its impact. That’s why we need a different approach.

Huelwear is not a fashion brand. Huelwear is about clothes that are built to last. That are designed to be timeless, not to chase trends. That bake in sustainability from day one rather than use one-off ‘green’ collections as a way to distract us from decades of unsustainable manufacturing.

Huelwear’s foundation is seven pillars that guide everything that we do, from materials to design. They steer us towards our ethical and sustainable goals and help us to make decisions that do good in the long-term, rather than help us achieve short-term success.

  1. Fast fashion Timeless style
  2. Animal products Animal-free
  3. Throwaway culture Repair, recycle, redesign
  4. Hidden supply chain Traceable
  5. Damages environment Minimal impact to environment
  6. Shortcut Holistic approach
  7. Exploitation Ethically made

We’re on a journey. We know that this is just the start and every day we ask ourselves: how can we be better? How can we make things that last longer, that have a lower environmental impact, that offer more support to the people who make them? We call this Sustainability 2.0. We’d love you to come on this journey with us.

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