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Big news. This month only, we’re offering you and a friend an extra £5 off when you introduce them to Huel. That means you’ll each get a massive £15 off your next order.

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Let's get you Hueligans started. It's all quite simple - log in to your Huel account, grab your code, and share it with a friend.

You'll then get an email with your own code when that friend buys their first Huel order. Use that code when you next checkout to save some money. Kerching!

Not sure who to refer? 

Read on for our top tips on who to refer, and which products might suit them best.

For the new parent…

"As a busy mum, Huel keeps me satisfied and gives me that extra feeling of doing something great for my body. Not to mention cheaper and less time consuming than going out for lunch. Plus, who has time to meal prep as a parent?" - Monica

For the shift worker 

"I work long shifts for the NHS and Huel is a quick healthy way to keep me going without resorting to snack foods. I would highly recommended to shift workers." - Bill

For the office hero…

Instant Meal Pots are the perfect solution. Pack one in your work bag for a wholesome hot meal that’s bursting with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Ready to tap into 171 health benefits? Just add hot water.

For the gym lover… 

Give Black Edition Ready-to-drink a go. It’s our highest protein meal in a bottle, and it’s perfect to give your body a boost – whether you’re fueling up before a workout or recovering afterwards.

For the early riser… 

We recommend Black Edition, our classic low-carb, high-protein complete meal. Ready in one minute and coming in at just £1.68 per serving, it’s the most powerful way to get breakfast in the bag.

For the always-on-the-goer… 

Our Complete Nutrition bars are the perfect snack. Bite through an indulgent layer of vegan chocolate and into 170 health benefits. Afternoon power up, morning treat or evening refuel – we’ve got you covered. 

Refer a friend 

*Minimum spend £65. Offer ends 30/06/24 23:59. To benefit from this offer your friends must place their first order by Sunday, 30 June 2024 23:59 UK (GMT +01:00). Once your friend has placed their order your code will be redeemable until 05/07/24 23:59. If your friend purchases after 30/06/24 you'll receive £10 off and they'll receive £10 off. Discount is not valid on subscription orders after the 05/07/24 23:59

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