The Huel loyalty scheme

The Huel loyalty scheme is our way of giving back to the most dedicated Hueligans. Here’s how it works:

The loyalty scheme explained

We’ve tried to keep our loyalty scheme as simple as possible—you eat the Huel, we do the rewarding. So once you’ve reached 1,000 meals with us, we’ll slide into your inbox with our congratulations and details of our special 1k meals gift box (quick maths tells us that’s just under 60 bags of Huel Black Edition). Then, when you’ve reached 3,000 meals, we’ll do it all again!

And then, when you hit a massive 5,000 meals, we'll send you an exclusive package from our HQ.

What’s in the box?

Each box contains an exclusive 1k club shaker and a black logo t-shirt to commemorate your 1,000 meals. Then, for 3,000 meals, we have an even more exclusive 3k club shaker and silver logo t-shirt.

Your shaker and tee will be added to your order at the checkout stage on your next purchase and will then be delivered alongside your order.

At 5k, you don’t need to place an order – we’ll send the package straight to you. As for what exactly is in that 5k package… we’ll just let you reach that mythical number and find out for yourself.

How do I select my t-shirt size?

The email congratulating you includes a link for you to add your t-shirt size and other details. We’ll then remember this information for the next time you complete an order.

Oh, and as if it needed mentioning, the exclusive shaker and tee are on us and come free with your next order. You’ve already done so much for us, now it’s our time to thank you!

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