Top 5 Nutrition Tips When Working From Home

When your normal routine is no longer the same, keeping up with healthy habits can be a challenge. We’ve put together some nutrition tips to help you stay on top of your health while you spend more time indoors.

1. Look for nutritious alternatives

If you’re worried about not being able to continue to eat well with particular ingredients no longer in stock, try exploring other foods that could offer similar health benefits. We have put together a shopping list of alternative food options to ensure you’re not missing out on your essential vitamins and minerals. The key advice here is nutrition should still come first, but you may have to switch up some of your commonly used ingredients.

Tinned tomatoes > Bolognese sauce

Passata > Tomato paste

Baked beans > Haricot beans

Pasta & rice > Lentils, beans & couscous

2. Stick to your routine

Spending more time at home can also impact when you eat. Whether or not you’re working from home, try to create (and stick to) a routine. This will help you avoid snacking on unhealthy foods. Eat a set number of meals a day and around the same time each day. If you don’t cook much or have more time on your hands than previously, now is a great time to start.

3. Stay hydrated

Keeping well hydrated is important for overall well-being, particularly cognitive function. If you’re working from home, keep a glass of water by you and drink throughout the day. You’ve probably heard, you should be having 8 glasses of water a day, but most people don’t need that much, so don’t worry!

4. Don’t forget your fresh veg

Fresh fruits and vegetables may have taken a back seat for you. Fruit and vegetables provide loads of essential nutrients and there are ways to extend their shelf-life and make them more convenient. For example, soups and sauces can be used straight away and frozen. You can make a concentrated stock and freeze them in ice cube tracks and voila, homemade, low salt stock cubes.

5. Keep your stress at bay

There are many ways to reduce stress. Try to minimise the amount of alcohol you drink, especially during the week, which will also help you stick to a routine. Keep an eye on the number of caffeinated drinks you’re having and try switching to decaf options during the afternoon. This can help you sleep and focus better.

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