“I’ve got four kids and work 12-hour shifts. Huel is a lifesaver”

Jamie's stressful job and busy home life made it difficult to eat healthily. Until he discovered Huel


Even before Covid hit, James’s job made it hard to find a work-life balance. “I work with patients in a busy hospital department and it’s always unpredictable,” he says. “I can do a 12-hour shift, go home for a couple of hours and then get a call to come back in because we’re short-staffed. Finding time to eat – let alone eat healthily – is always so tough.”

Huel has been his go-to meal for six years, after he saw an equally stressed-out colleague drinking the original powder on an especially busy night shift. “I love data so I was really interested by the idea of a 400 calorie meal, with all the right nutrients,” he says. “I don’t count calories, but I do care about keeping fit, and that’s always a huge challenge with my work. So I started having it as my lunch and then my evening meal when I was on shift. It was so convenient and it helped keep me energised no matter what happened at work. I even have enough in the tank now to get to the gym afterwards.”

Huel salted caramel v3.0

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No mean feat, considering that home life is just as frantic. “We’ve got four kids and it’s really important that I make as much time for them as I can,” James says. “Now I have salted caramel v3.0 for breakfast, because it’s so quick and easy. It means I can eat properly and still find the time to get them ready for school.

“For lunch, Hot & Savoury has been an incredible discovery. It’s delicious, but especially in the colder months, when a shift is stressful, I really look forward to eating something really warm and satisfying. It’s a saviour. Before, I’d go find something unhealthy as a treat, but Hot & Savoury makes even the toughest shifts feel a bit easier. All my weekday lunches now are Hot & Savoury. And I know that I can spoil myself a bit with my evening meal when I finally get home because I’ve kept on top of my calories all day.”

Huel Mac & Cheeze

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