What People Ask About Huel

We’ve looked at the most common questions people are asking Google about Huel, to give you answers based on the latest nutritional science. Whether you’re wondering about macros, how dieting works with Huel or how many calories it contains per serving, we’ve got the answers.

What is Huel?

Quite simply, Huel is food. It’s a nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food with minimal impact on animals and the environment. It provides you with all the carbohydrates, protein, fats, fibre and all 26 essential micronutrients your body needs to thrive. You can find out more about us here.

Can you lose weight on Huel?

Of course. But then, the same is true of any food – as long as you consume 500kcal less than your body needs each day, then you’ll lose around 1lb of body weight a week. However, Huel is especially helpful if you're following a weight-loss diet because you know exactly how many calories you're eating with each serving, plus you're getting all the micro- and macronutrients you need for your body to thrive, so you don't have to compromise on nutrition even when you're eating less. Take a look at our simple Guide to Fat Loss for tips on how to work out your calories requirements.

Can Huel replace all meals?

It certainly can, because it's nutritionally complete, and it has for some people – it's ideal for adventurers, and in 2020, two researchers lived on Huel for 100 days during a mission to emulate what it would be like to live on the moon. For everyone else, though, it’s not how we recommend Huel is used.

Most Hueligans eat Huel for one or two of their most inconvenient meals, plus snacks, each day. That way they get everything their body needs to thrive, when they don’t have time to make a nutritious home-cooked meal. Have a look at our most recent study of a number of people using Huel as their sole nutrition for 5-weeks.

Is Huel good for muscle gain?

Huel can absolutely form part of a plan for muscle gain. Increased calorie intake, along with increased protein intake, are essential for anyone trying to gain muscle. Each 400-calorie serving of Huel Black Edition contains 40g of plant-based protein, and Huel Complete Protein offers 20g of protein, as well as all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, in each 105-calorie serving.

Woman exercising with Huel

Does Huel fill you up?

Yes, it does! One of the main ingredients in Huel is low-GI oats, which leads to the feeling of fullness. Our Ready-to-drink bottles are 400kcal, perfect for a light meal, and our Bars are 200kcal, great for a mid-meal snack. The beauty of Huel Powder and Black Edition is that you have the flexibility to make as much or as little as you need.

Is Huel keto?

A ketogenic, or keto, diet is high fat and low carb with a moderate amount of protein. By themselves, Huel Powders, Ready-to-drink or Bars aren’t suitable for a keto diet as they contain too many carbs. However, if you mix 50g of Huel Black Edition with 50g desiccated coconut, this meal is suitable for a keto diet. We’ve put together some more low carb Huel hacks here.

Will Huel make me fat?

Eat enough of any food and it will make you gain fat. If you eat 500kcal more than what your body needs each day, then you’ll gain 1lb of fat a week. Whether your goal is to maintain or gain weight, you need to work out what your calories requirements are. Have a look at our Guide to Weight Gain.

Is Huel vegan?

Yes, absolutely! There are no animal products in any of our product range.

Is Huel healthy?

Huel contains a balanced mix of slow-digesting carbs, high-quality protein and essential good fats, along with all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, so can definitely be considered healthy. We also use sustainable ingredients and we believe in minimal impact on the environment, so it’s healthy for the planet too.

Does Huel work?

First, you need to define what you mean by work. Can it help you lose weight? Can it help you build muscle? Is it healthy? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Huel is a great option to have when you need convenience but still want to eat healthily.

How many calories are there per scoop?

A level scoop of Huel v3.0 Powder holds roughly 50g, which makes is 200kcal. We recommend 2 scoops per serving. Huel Black Edition is slightly more calorie-dense, so a full serving is 90g. Huel Hot & Savoury varies slightly between each product, but it's roughly 200 calories per 50g scoop (you can see the exact weight on the packet). If you want to be accurate, we recommend using some simple kitchen scales. Each bottle of Huel Ready-to-drink contains 400kcal, and our Huel Bars are 200kcal, perfect for a snack.

Can Huel go off?

Our Huel products have a 'best before' date, which is more about quality in terms of nutrition and taste, rather than a 'use-by date', which indicates when a food may be safe to consume until.

We cannot guarantee the quality of our products or advise its consumption beyond the 'best before' date printed on the packaging.

How much is Huel per meal?

This varies between our different products, but our mission is to make nutritionally complete food that is convenient and affordable, so we work hard to make Huel as cost-effective as possible. Huel v3.0 Powder starts from just £1.51 per meal (although that drops as low as £1.26 per meal if you buy more bags) and Black Edition, which contains 50% more protein, starts from only £1.68 per meal. Hot & Savoury starts from £2.66 per meal, and our Ready-to-drink bottles begin at £3.04 per meal when you buy a box of 12. Like v3.0 powder, all these prices decrease when you buy more in one go.

Is Huel worth it?

We certainly think so! But if you want to hear what our Hueligans think, you can read their testimonials here. We're also rated 4.5 on Trustpilot.

So there you have it, some of the top searches on Huel answered. If you have any more questions head over to our FAQs, you can find some tips on how to make your Huel Powder, or take a look at our recipe ideas for some baking inspiration.

If nutrition knowledge is more your thing, then we have loads of informative articles on general nutrition, vitamins & minerals and Huel on our Guides & Articles page.

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